I can not believe it’s the 1st of July tomorrow. Including tomorrow I have fourteen mornings left with Z. 
In fourteen school days that’s our mornings gone before school. I feel there’s so much I’ve not done with him that’s still do do. Some of the things I’ve not done include not taken him to a toddler morning at techniquest, I’ve not taken him bowling, or tried the new indoor play centre, I’ve not taken him to the cinema or a different pool.                      I have fourteen days maybe I could get a few done. Out of those fourteen days it’s minus one for sports day, one for transistion day and one for the school fete,  that’s leaving me with eleven days. 
I still feel lucky that I was able to take him to play groups, swimming, drum lessons, soft play, parks and coffee mornings, his doctors and hospitals appointments, attend portage sessions and what ever else we’ve gotten up to in these last three years. 
I always said if I were lucky enough to have kids I would make sure I was a fun parent, that I would go swimming or on rides, I’m hoping I’m living up to that little promise I made myself nearly five years ago when going through the Ivf. 
Don’t get me wrong when he’s been up since four o’clock I’m counting down the seconds for school, but I know I’m going to miss him like crazy when he’s there full day.
I’m also very lucky one of the girls invited me to playgroup, where she had been chatting to H, H introduced me to T, when I went one morning on my own T was the one who said sit here, T was the one who nobody and I mean nobody picked on Z, or she would be there before me. Then there’s J, I couldn’t imagine life without  J and E now! It’s like we’ve known each other forever. 
But in those fourteen short days LJ goes off to nursery, so does P, but they still get to hang around with J and E for another year, as both will be part time and Z full time. Same age different schools. 
So ladies, not only you three everyone I’ve met these last three years! Thanks for making these last three years so much fun! Without you three I’m sure I wouldn’t have have lived up to my promise of being a fun parent and taking Z places! Here’s to the school holidays in fourteen days, and places we’ll see, and memories we’ll make. 
P.s I did actually have a little emotional tear in my eye writing this 😉. 

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