Today we decided to go to the park, we get there for around 9.20, I took Z’s bike, something different other than his pram. He was ok getting on it and going the short way to the park. 
We were the only ones there. He ran, he played on everything he wanted to, he jumped and was actually flapping quite a bit. Not really seen the hand flaps in this way before. As he was smiling and babbling away I’m guessing he was enjoying himself, and not too stressed as we were the only ones there. 
After around 15 minutes J and E came to play. To see the smile on Z’s face when E shouted Z’s name, he ran over to her and tried giving her a hug. Then she ran away and he chased her trying to give her a kiss! Was so sweet. 
We played in the park for a little while, then went for a walk in the woods. E is really good and will walk, Z hates hanging about so we sorta pushed on ahead. I didn’t really want him seeing all the ponds or if have a fight to get him away. 
We did stop at the top and wait for E, whilst waiting we looked at the tadpoles swimming. 
He didn’t want to go. He threw himself on the floor, he kicked and screamed. Now was this that toddler temper? I think it was, so managed to get him back on his bike and go. 
We stopped for a quick drink and some crisps before leaving for school. 
  And that’s when E decided she would return her hug! 
She knows Z don’t talk, she sorta knows she can’t cry as it really upsets him, yet she’s still his friend, when you ask her does she love Z she replies yes. 
Hopefully this little bond they have will continue to grow, he responds well to E, and takes notice of what she’s doing. 

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