It’s Tuesday, that means I take Z to the local indoor play centre. It’s a small place but the staff are lovely, the equipment is clean and on a Tuesday morning it’s nice a quiet!! When we first started going here Z was a bit nervous maybe? He would like me to go with him, now he’s off on his own! He still likes to go down the slide ( yes it’s as fast as it looks!) head first, this I’m glad for coz I know he don’t go too fast!
He has started to spin on this now, and notice the stars! So there is progress!
We had to leave a bit sooner than we wanted too as I didn’t know if he had been sick, only Z could be sick in soft play and play in it! Yuck… But he’s had a sleep and is fine so I’m hoping it wasn’t sick! Kept him home from creche too, just incase.
He had to come to work with me this afternoon, the kids love seeing him so not a problem there! Then it was a stop to see nan, who was cooking, little did we know Z turned the oven up and burnt the sausages! Home for tea and now it’s nearly bed time. Yea, I love bed time.
This was a very random post today! Tomorrow, it’s coffee morning day, I’m looking forward to it. I may get to fill my volunteer forms in. Sad that I’m actually excited about this.

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