Even though as far as attacks have gone I’ve been quite lucky in only having 3-4 and boy were they painfully. 
Was scheduled for surgery yesterday at the spire hospital Cardiff. 
Had to be there for 7 am so dragged my dad out of bed at 6.15. As a thank you I left him drive my car home! 
I was signed in and taking to my room. Nice clean room with tv and bathroom. I met the  anesthetist who listened to my heart. I met the surgeon who explained what he was going to do, and the nurse that looked after me. He came in and got me set up, I was lucky enough to be first. 
Just before surgery as I’m female I had to do a pregnancy test. I wasn’t even worried about that, did say that if it was positive they’d be picking me up off the floor and calling me Mary! It came back as negative obviously! 
Theatre, last time I was at one of these was for Z, I get on the bed, they put the needle in my hand and said they’d start off slow and then put a mask on, yea I didn’t make the mask part I was already sleeping! Felt a little light headed and that was it! 
Woke up and got wheeled back to my room, still a little groggy. Kept thinking was that how Z felt after waking up with his teeth? Fair play to him if it is because he just drives up! I looked at the trees blowing and thought I need sleep it feels like a when youve drunk far to much and the room spins. 
My heart rate was taking and I was put back on oxygen and left to go to sleep. I was given a lovely chicken sandwich which I was gutted I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t swallow anything, think my throat hurt more than my cuts! 
At 3 I was taken off the oxygen, helped to the toilet by the nurse who was lovely. Very helpful and friendly. 
At 5 I was allowed to go home. I had my tablets and then the nurse came back and took the needle out of my hand. He called for a porter and I got wheeled to my car. The porter was very nice too, he kept my dad company downstairs when he arrived about 5.30, as he was there about an hour he even offered him a cup of coffee, my dad said what a lovely guy he was when we left! 
So my experience of having my gallbladder out was all good, my bandages all are clean, still, which is good, no bleeding or seeping. I’m not allowed to get them wet for at least 5-7 days. No lifting anything and I have to keep my white socks on for at least two weeks! No driving for at least a week and then can see how I feel. 
A big thank you to the staff at the spire hospital.
Here’s hoping to a speedy recovery! 

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