It’s nearly the end of 2016, weight wise I’m not where I wanted to be, but since having my gallbladder removed I’m down around 10lb, this has given me the push I need. I know I’m smaller than last year as my Christmas pjs fit me and are not snug! I was chuffed, next year they will be too big! 
So my goal for 2017 is get fitter. I recently done a nordic walking 5k it took me just over an hour. So, I’m attempting something each month. Ive signed up for the friend in me walk, again 5k for January this will be me and the pooch, I’ll start walking it and timing the walk for the end of January. I think we’ll be doing another in march. So I need to set my own goal for February. I’m hoping by that time I’ll be back in the pool too. 
As with my weight loss I’m not setting stupid goals, nice simple goals I know I can achieve. I know I can walk 5k so I’ll build up to 10k for June. 
Another goal is for funnily enough watching tv. I need to start watching films and tv series. This I’ll combine with spending more time with the other half. He always whinges I don’t watch anything. Then I’m going to try and get out more. When Z is at my mams, will use it to try things like bowling, and the cinema. 
Liquid, I’m going to drink more. Water, ice tea, or anything other than fizzy drinks. 
Photos, I enjoy taking photos, so I’m going to join in with the photo a week challenge, and stick to it! 
I’ll update my goals as I go, for now they are easy, once I get used to drinking more I’ll add another bottle, when I can walk 5k easy, I’ll up my speed, when I can swim x amount of lengths I’ll add more or do quicker. 
What’s everyone else’s goals for 2017? 

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