Back to school day!
I’m so excited!
He’s now all yours!
I’ve done my job of keeping him safe fed and watered these last six weeks. Now it’s your turn to have him back!
I know how much you love having him, there was a time around week four when I could have happily have gone through the phone book and drove around looking for your houses. My little gift to you! My darling little tornado.
But I didn’t want to get arrested for any stalking offences. So I’ve resisted the urge!
Obviously with all his new words that you will be greeted with, ‘mammy, daddy, ‘sorry’ ok’, not sure what that means! ‘Picture perfect’ is from sherif Callie. ‘Oh no, is when he has a dirty bum. Something sounding like hur hur that’s something he’s said a lot before attacking B, so that maybe his ‘growl’ warning sound?! There’s many more, ‘really Z, is what I’ve been saying to him when he’s tipped yet another pile of pringles over the floor.
We have also been working on the word sorry when he attacks random kids at soft play for eating! You can’t mistake finger family song. Help me help me is from the rabbit song. ‘…. shoots me dead !’ Thanks YouTube!
So think I may have covered basics!
Again his pack lunch has loads in as he’s gone fussy!
Good luck trying to sing any songs… unless it’s away in a manger!
Did I say how excited I was about school!
No tears here or do tears of joy count?!
If I could send in some party poopers and wine and chocolate I would!
So here’s to the next six weeks you’ll be counting down the days to the holidays. Roles will be reversed.
Good luck with this inquisitive 4 year old who likes to open everything by standing on them.
I can’t wait to see what you teach my stamping, popping loving, inquisitive tornado.
I hope those six weeks has rested you for the next six weeks. You really are going to be well rested!
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
So a huge thank you for keeping all us parents sane by taking our little darlings off us all day!
Here’s to the next year, here’s to reception!

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