Decided to head back to parc penallta this afternoon with J. We parked in the top entrance first off. It’s cheap to park there think it’s £1 for 2 hours or £3 all day if I can remember. It does say if you have a blue badge you get an extra hour on your time. 
Z had fun rock climbing, and impressively got up there himself, I followed him and J and E went the easy way! 

We walked or rather run the paths around, then went in search of the observatory, half way Z wanted to go back to the car, how I knew this was because he ran. I just caught him before he ran across the car park. So he went as E calls it in my bag. The beco toddler carrier, it’s been a life savour, there’s places we can go and find like the observatory, that would have been much harder taking his pram. 

The views are lush from the top, we could see the valleys, and some sheep that E wanted to go and touch!

We didn’t walk down the other way this time, the open space is enough for them to run. There’s lots of benches to sit with a picnic!
We headed home across Gelligare common, this I think is E’s favourite as we get to see the animals. Sheep, lambs, horses, calfs and some cows! 
We stopped the car and the horses just gathered around, we didn’t have anything to feed them either which we did feel a little guilty! 

Glad my window was up or this guy would have been in! 
Can even see the beacons in the distance. 

We don’t realise how green our area is, how lucky we are to have all this on our doorstep, just driving home and seeing the roads go for miles puts a smile on your face.
These little adventures on a Sunday with J and E are getting fun! 

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