I’ve just sat and watched last weeks Greys anatomy, I love greys, I’ve always like Meredith and Derek, they’ve been there since day one. I loved private practice, the Amelia and the baby episode I cried, I was pregnant with Z, I was on my maternity leave watching that and I sobbed, I blamed pregnancy hormones as I don’t cry. Can I still blame hormones or have I just grown up ? As this episode for I’d say an hour I’ve cried. Maybe having Z have made me look at life differently? Yes, I call G rotten, but if I was put in that position what would I do?
I suppose no one can answer that. No one can answer for me or themselves. I hope I’m never in that position. Would I up and leave everything? Stay and carry on as if nothing happened? I don’t know.
I know I’d be lost, how I’d cope would be anyone’s guess, including mine as I really have no idea what I would do.
Life, it can be there and then it’s gone, it can’t come back. Maybe, I should stop shouting at G so much, ( hahaha yea right!) maybe it’s time to write a will. What would happen if it was the other way around and I was Derrick? What would G do? What would happen to Z?
As a husband and wife we’ve never discussed this, we’re in our thirties and forties, should we be discussing it? Most likely we should have something that we both should know. I do know if it was me, I don’t want flowers! Most people know this and you wear bright colours, yellow preferably! Again, think that’s common knowledge!
Back to greys, no more Dr mcdreamy, what will we do? Think it was honestly the worst episode of greys ever!! Can’t believe they done it. Who’s next?!!

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