The girls from play group decided to go out for the Day on Tuesday during half term. J’s off work, and G is in work Tuesday and Wednesday, Wednesday were off to Dan Ye Ogof caves, so it works well! 
We decided on Portchawl, leave about 9.30 be there early. 
I was running a little late after getting sun tan lotion from tesco. But we made it. Z wasn’t happy! He had some crisps, and a drink, another pack of crisps, the crunching some times calms him. 
We went to explore the rock pool, he wasn’t to fussed. I dug a hole in the sand and the girls filled it with water, like he had his very own pool, but people took over it! I know! How rude, dig your own hole! 
We went to the sea, again, he was a little wary, but it was very busy. We jumped over the waves, he laughed , he clapped, he jumped and flapped, think he would have enjoyed it a lot more if there were less people about. 
We were lucky that the tide was on its way in as he wanted to leave. I felt bad that the girls came with me, but think secretly they had had enough of the sand! 
Chips, chips and more chips, a drink and Z was in a much better mood! We head on over to the fair. He loved it. He went on some rides and even had ago at jumping on the trampoline! 

He posted 2p coins that Nan gave him, and we watched them go down the a lot. He was lucky he got a lolly and loads of tickets. Maybe we’ll go back and try get more tickets! 

He done really well today, ok , he struggled a little on the beach. But that’s not the end of the world, I can drive to a beach at 4pm when it’s quiet for him to run about! He won’t miss out well just learn to go different times! My different times and not Z’s or we would be there at 2am! 
Think we all had a lovely day out, looking forward to the six weeks holidays when we get to do it all again! 

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