When this is the letter Z came home from school with yesterday, I knew it was the start of trouble! 
Going from the fact that Z can’t tolerate a hairbrush in his hair, never mind a haircut, it was going to be fun trying to look for lice.
I sat and tried a nit comb through his hair and he screamed, he cried, he ran. 
Second thing is check my own, I didn’t find anything after 45 minutes. 
Today, Z was scratching still wouldn’t allow me to look using my hands to go through his head, he wouldn’t or couldn’t tolerate the comb, so I best just treat as a precaution. 
I only started squirting the stuff, and oh dear, the screaming started, the crying. We managed to keep it in for 10 minutes out of the 15. The shampoo and wash out was a nightmare. He screamed, he cried, he lashed out. I felt so sorry for him. Knowing I have to do it all again in 7 days just incase. He cried all the way to school first time since he’s started he cried going in. Teacher did say that as soon as he was there he was fine. 
I think there should be a new way to kill these things, maybe shock them! 

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