I love my candles, I quickly learnt that wax melts are stronger and not as expensive!
But they all come in plastic of some sort.
So operation make my own! Just like my bath bombs and toilet bombs .
I got my beeswax from amazon, but am looking to source more local beeswax when I’m out!
I melted my wax and down and added in some coconut oil in a dish over a sieve of boiling water, and added some essential oil just before pouring, yup it really was that simple.
Pour into my moulds, when still hot and runny as it does dry quick.

I never measure out, maybe I should!
I’ve burnt mine up to four times and they still smelt as strong as the first time. I’m not really sure how many times you can burn each one I’m going to until the stop smelling!
Next time I’m going to add a drop of food colouring to maybe change the colour I’ll let you know how I get on!

Next up my home made lip balm!

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