Ok not sure they should be called toilet bombs will that word get flagged up?!
Not sure but any how’s, today I attempted them, I’m think I’ll be fine with my toilet bombs as the bath ones are called bath bombs right.
A few different versions came up when I googled how to make some and like baking they had measurements,
Me, I don’t do measurements I chuck things in and hope for the best!
You will need
Bicarbonate of soda. Citric acid. Essential oil. Water . Bowl and I used a fork and a spray bottle.

I mixed ( in the plastic container that my reduced salad came in the other day!) the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid together whilst adding in a few drops of essential oil, I could only find strawberry scent when I was out yesterday, had no idea how much to use so quite a few drops later my house smells very strawberryish!

I wasn’t sure how much water to add as I didn’t want it to fizz everywhere and then wouldn’t fizz again so I sprayed a little in again whilst mixing, of course the water was reacting as soon as so I quickly transferred it into the mould.

I left it for around 40 minutes then went to check on it. I had visions of it being like that porridge book I read as a kid! But it didn’t keep expanding, and stayed like this.
Next up I scrapped the excess off the top, back into the boil, I’ll see if it can be used to make more.

I’ve only popped out the one, it didn’t crumble which I’m taking as a win! Ok it’s not super strong and wouldn’t take much to crumble, but staying together I’m pleased with.
And guess what……
It worked…….

It fixed away lovely, and my bathroom smells of strawberry.
I think next time I’m going to go with a lemon smell it may have that fresher smell about it.
But for now my first attempt at zero waste toilet cleaner has been a success! All in all I paid around £3 for what I needed and made 11 toilet bombs, I still have at least half of the box of both boxes left and lots of oil. If the scrapped mix works I may get another 2-3 out of them so 14 toilet bombs for £3 I’m taking as a win!

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