Another one of those hard to write posts. 
 Monday, today started off with getting up and getting Z to his hospital appointment, this was more so of a formal appointment for statementing for school. Yea, school, I can’t believe in a few short weeks I will have a three year old. I have to say the thought terrifies me but I’m also excited to start the next chapter, meaning school. Home for portage, as this was straight after the hospital this was more of a you’ll be ok Thursday meeting. Thursday, that’s only three more sleeps. Wow. But that’s a different post entirely! 
 After work I went with my dad to my nans house, here they are emptying it. I know it has to be done. She can’t come home, home isn’t safe for her. She needs the 24 hour care that she has in the home. Obviously when people have died and their belongings get sorted that has to be hard. The last person I lost who I was really close to was my grampa. I’ve lost uncles and aunties since but my grampa was the main one. I was 21, working in Italy, so came home for the funeral and went back. I was still young, didn’t help sort things out or throw things away. As it is it is his birthday today, so happy birthday up there! 
 Going into my nans and knowing she’s still alive is strange. To see all her belongings, stuff she’s worked hard for all those years, just being bagged up. Seeing things and going aww I remember those! Just taking for granted things being on shelves. I saw the frogs, I’ve brought them home, where I will put them I don’t know but it will be nice to say I have something. I didn’t want anything, I had pegs for Z and old puppy in my pockets. These were my childhood, these things reminded me of my nan. I brought the duck for Z, he’s never going to remember her, and I don’t know how he’ll grow up, but as it’s a duck it’s now Z. It can sit on a shelf in his room for now. 
The sitting frogs are quite scary looking like this! Out of all the brass my nan had these were the few we as kids were allowed to help ‘clean’ with the polish and cloth! 
 A bit of an emotional day, I’ve not been in my nans house since she’s moved, and now I don’t know if I’ll go back, it’s no longer my nans house. Suppose it has to be a little easier knowing she’s alive. 

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