What a day! Two hospital visits. 
Z slept last night, can tell he’s tired as he really didn’t want to wake this morning, but he did and off to work we went, he stopped for toast at nans before the hospital. Getting him in was a job in itself. 
He threw himself on the floor, he tried to run away, he threw himself on the floor some more, he kicked his shoes off. He ran. We got into the hospital and had pretty much the same. He wanted to take a poster off the wall I said no, and it started again. Poor doctor didn’t really get anything done. He did point to the ball, yes, point. Out of all the people we have met I think the only person that can get him to be calm enough to do what she wants is portage. ( maybe she’ll kidnap him for a few hours a week and take him to his hospital appointments!!) 
I was boiling, bright red in the face and stressed. It’s bad enough trying to get him in then fight with him to wait in the waiting area, luckly we didn’t wait long, and he was in. Think she could see I was stressed. If only she seen me later….. 
I dropped him off to nans to head to the early bird course, first thing when there was a coffee! After that 30 minutes or so I felt like a baileys coffee would have been more sufficient. 
Anyways, he was fine at nans, takes him home, some diner before sensory messy play. 
He fell asleep in the car, I was dreading getting him in to the hospital as I had to wake him because the only spaces available today were at the other end of the car park. Lots of disabled bays if only they had given him a blue badge, he wouldn’t have had so far to walk, be dragged or half carried! 
Messy play….
A table of weetabix, jelly, Rice Krispies and oats maybe awaited. He ran in and surprisingly touched the jelly. He then stayed the other end of the table. He played with the cars, dug them out from under the Rice Krispies  and the oats, held the weetabix. I put his hand in the jelly. He watched J eat the jelly, but stayed the other end. When we were talking he licked the car, so he had tasted jelly! He then licked his hands and went back for the jelly!! I couldn’t believe it. Even though he used to eat jelly for me before he won’t now. He didn’t want it to end, and played up coming out. I’m glad I have witness to the way he throws himself on the floor, kicks until his shoes come off and then run. Must have took me at least 10 minutes to get him out of the hospital. He was soaking from throwing himself on the floor in the rain, sitting up on the wet floor. Every time I had his hand and thought well walk now, he threw a curve ball and spun himself down. Everyone was stopping and looking, tried carrying him and he was throwing himself about so much it was unsafe! I did start to loose my patience, I wanted to stop and shout, I wanted to sit and cry, I wanted to walk away. But I couldn’t and can’t,if I walked away he wouldn’t have come running to me, he could have ran anywhere. So we spent 5 minutes sitting in the car, ok I sat he screamed and twisted and turned! Again I could have cried but I’m in the middle of a very full car park. So I drove on home. Yes with Z! He’s continuing to scream and throw at home, so I’m praying an early night is on the cards! 

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