So these last few months have, I could say, been quite hectic, if not going to appointments waiting for them. I’ve been waiting on a few, one since he was referred in August, and one since November. The August one I think is important,as I’m hoping it will help in make a decision on Z’s school. Now this appointment I actually had for April, it got cancelled and got brought forward to February, great, in my favour. This appointment got cancelled. They couldn’t give me my original appointment time back as it had been given to someone else. So back on the waiting list Z went, new appointment for May, oh guess what this one also got cancelled.  Yes, I was so angry. In all fairness to speech she tried ringing around. But today it’s been rescheduled for a week later. Now will Z get this appointment? If I cancelled twice,he would have been struck off the list and the whole process re applied. How is it fair the other way around? 

The second one being ENT. We’ve been dealing with a runny nose for fifteen months, yes, fifteen! I asked about this to everyone who sees Z. The only time it really cleared up was when he was on antibiotics for three months, then it kind of dried up for a few days. He was on antibiotics for constant ear infections. He started with a cold, then it could have been a spot of hay fever and now? What, you, just used to seeing him with a runny nose?! It wouldn’t be Z if he didn’t. This appointment Im hoping will come within the next six to eight weeks. Why so long for a child is beyond me. 

I appreciate the nhs, I really do, when I see the doctors or nurses or speech I’ve not really encountered a bad one. But why so long for a child? 

I thought about going private and asked months ago, was told the queues are not that long, they shouldn’t be if everyone is seen with in the fourteen to sixteen week time frame they are given. So why go private next now I’ve waited nine months for both, what’s another four to six weeks? Next time I don’t think I’ll think about it, I think I’ll just go privately straight off! 

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