Innocent smoothies have been a huge part in Z’s life since well he turned one and autism played a part in his fussy eating. I tried him on these smoothies because they are made with fruit, at the time there were no veg ones! They’ve always been in his bag on day trips so the rubbish can be recycled and I don’t have to worry about loosing his beakers. Plus they are better for him than squash. 
Up until recently he would have two a day, breakfast and before bed. I go to three different supermarkets to get different flavours and when they are on offer we stock up! When his friend comes to play she’ll have a smoothie and when he goes there that’s what he’ll have to drink. 
Imagine my horror at finding out they had changed the packaging, and yup you guessed it Z wouldn’t drink any of them. I quickly stocked up on old packaging until I couldn’t get them any more. I emailed innocent smoothies and their response was amazing. They went out of their way to help. They sent some old packaged smoothies that made Z’s day as the last few days he was left with only one flavour! When we thought they had gotten lost the lady was sorry, but we found them! Phew, I was nearly crying when I thought they were lost. 
Now I don’t normally post a picture of Z, but this is just to prove they’ve been with us from the start, the pictures on my phone only go this far back, new phone this is march 2015 even came with us on our train ride, I’m guessing I have many more. 

After he would not drink from the new package one I had to pour it into his beaker, and he’d eventually drink it. 
Today innocent sent Z a book. 
We read through it, we got an old drink and a new one, we learnt that they had changed their clothes, and the old one went away. The new one sat there for around four hours, he kept going back to the book and turning the circle. Now I’m not going to lie I didn’t think this would work, I didn’t think Z would  understand this concept. 


Now I’ll work on each different flavour like this one, I hope once he realises they are in fact all the same he will drink out of them no problem. He’s carried the book around with him all day and smiles when he sees they are now coloured. 
So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at innocent for everything they have done these last few weeks, the customer support has been amazing, if every company was as good as you guys. 
Ps I’m sure if you have any new flavours once Z has taken to drinking out of all the coloured packets he’d be happy to taste them for you! 

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