June already, this time last year I was trying to get just someone to listen to my worries about Z, and a year later were in a much better place.
His portage session has just finished, not that he done too much, he was tired after me waking him this morning for work! But he got something’s done, and kinda took himself to bed, I don’t get attacked half as much as G, but it’s the quick ninja like skills, I can get away with a few claw marks!
S advised me today to take pictures, to try and help Z understand what’s going to happen next kind of thing. He uses pecs when we’re at soft play for a drink and creche, in the house he scrunches them up or posts them down the radiator. So my next task is to take pictures of everything, from my house to his room, to the bus, car and places we go to often, to the people we see. So if you see me taking pictures of some random things it’s for Z’s book. Hopefully this idea will stop the crazy wild animal side to Z! It’s either that or he’ll be carrying his iPad around just to listen to blue ribbon bunny, yes, I’m sick of blue ribbon bunny! To be fair the whole Sofia the first album is hitting the point of no return, I’m glad  I can drown things out. What was funny to see, or would have been funny, was when my dad came to collect me from Barry, Z is in the front, he turns the cd up so Sofia is actually quite loud, then he puts his head down. So all you can see at traffic lights is a guy in his fifties listening to Sofia the first!!
This is all because his awareness is growing, which is also a positive thing. The frustration is the language and the communication. He won’t tell me no, so just attacks instead.
In twelve months I can see a difference, okay, in six months there’s been a huge difference, I do believe it’s the help he’s been given. I’m glad I pushed for someone to take my concerns serious, I’m glad people listened. I hope the next six months keep improving, and can’t wait to see what he will be like this time next year.
I hope there’s communication and if no words I hope he can use the pictures, being able to communicate some way will make life much easier. When the days are hard, they are hard but when he comes up to you and actually looks you in the eyes and gives you a kiss it makes the hard days less hard. I’m sure we as a family will have many more hard days ahead, but we have to take each day as a new day, a fresh start, keep the positives!

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