For last week’s Mother & Toddler group we made “How much do I love you?” hands. I decided to make a laminated instruction sheet as below, to show the parents what the finished article should look like:  How to make “How much do I love you?” hands.
• Take 1 sheet of card and draw around your child’s hands
• Let the children colour in their hands using crayons and pencils
• Write on each hand “How much do I love you?”
• Cut the 2 hands out and place them to one side
• Take a piece of white paper and draw a straight line down the long side of the page and then cut out this strip
• Use the strip you have cut out and fold backwards and forwards like a concertina
• Open your concertina strip and lay it flat and then write “I love you this much” across the strip
• Take the strip and glue one end to the left hand card and the other end to the right hand card
• Close the hands together so that you can see the words “How much do I love you”
• Open the hands to read the message “I love you this much!”

The children loved drawing around their hands, but my favourite part was colouring the hands in. I couldn’t take a picture of everybody’s today because we ran out of time!
Ogmore Beach
On Monday I went down my Uncle S’ house with my mam and dad. My Uncle had planned that we were going to be learning about all different types of rocks which was loads of fun. He had printed out a special quiz to go with some of my work and he said we could go to Ogmore Beach to look at rocks. I was very excited to go to the beach because I hadn’t been for a long time.
As we were driving to the beach I read through my work and started answering questions on my quiz of rocks. I had to wear a big warm coat, hat, scarf and gloves because it was freezing cold. As we started walking down the beach we saw loads of big rocks, so Uncle S told me a bit about each one. My dad helped me go around some of the rock pools and we found cockles, limpets, mussels and more.  
I loved running down by the sea but my mam had to hold on to me because it was very windy. I also promised my dog Andrex that I would pick up a stick for him so I chose a big one for him to play with! As we were walking along the beach I spotted something weird so my mam and I walked over to it. I was so excited because I had found a jelly fish and I named him Jerry!

I also collected some flat stones so that I could paint on them for school work. When we went home I did my quiz and I had 11 out of 12!
St. David’s Day
For St. David’s day I am hosting a Welsh evening at my house and my family are welcome to come. I will be dressed up in a rugby shirt and will be making yummy welsh cakes and leek soup. My nephew will help me make daffodil and dragon bunting and I will paint 2 jars to put daffodils in it. I will hopefully read a poem and draw pretty welsh pictures.
The biggest project I have to do is make a welsh costume for my build a bear named Pookie. Will post pics when done!

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