So these last few days I’ve not been out with the girls.
There’s nothing wrong it’s just all the things came at the same time! 
You also know what it’s like the more time you spend away the longer that time goes and the less chance it will be to re join a group. 
So between half term, yeah, I don’t really do half terms every where is different and sometimes busy! 
It started when I couldn’t go for a drink, I went to porthcawl and Dan Yr Ogof, that was it. More so as J worked on Thursday so we had a day home. Friday Z had his drum lesson and dentist, so was a little too late to join the girls. 
Then the weekend comes and I’m not sure where it actually went to be honest but it went. 
Monday and J is working, Tuesday he had a swim lesson and I needed to get a birthday gift so didn’t make soft play. Again Wednesday and J works, that takes us to today. I was intending to stop for lunch but with the queue and I was starving I didn’t want to take the chance of food arriving so yes I went home! Tomorrow is drum time, then I’ll see what will happen after school! 
So girls, there is nothing wrong, I may just be having a quiet, but busy week! 

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