There’s many videos over on my Facebook page showing Z reading. These have normally been one word at a time.

During the holidays Z went with a friend, he broke her tortoise ornament in the garden alongside her dragon!

When we got home I wrote an apology and he read it. I’ve not shown it because it shows her name and obviously Z says the name and I’m really not technical enough to blur parts out in videos!

We’ve been practicing reading for a while I know he can do it, it’s about getting him into that right time.

Today I attempted a few animals mixed with colours just so he couldn’t just memorise animals.

He done it but because he only came down from his pit for feeding he wasn’t too interested.

Now to work on him reading pre written text and not just when I’m writing it for him.

I know he can read anything he has been able to for ages it’s just getting him to say those words out loud.

When I know he can say he can read I need to know how to get him to speak because he can obviously say any word he wants too.

So yes at five he’s still classed as pre verbal but annoyingly he could talk if he wanted too. He could ask for things and show us what he wanted and I’d have thought he’d be less frustrated meaning less meltdowns and less of the house trashing.

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