We were invited * to see I wish I was a mountain at Wales Mellinum Centre the relaxed performance and Z couldn’t wait. As soon as we parked up he was headed straight there!

I love relaxed performances as it opens up so much for children and adults like Z, giving them the chance to see something they may not otherwise get a chance to do.

I wish I was a mountain by Toby Thompson uses poetry and a little live music to capture the imaginations of a classic Hermann Hesse fairy tale.

The story is based in Faldum, and with a nice warmly lit stage we head off on a walk to the fair! With a little bit of I spy and audience participation it was a nice start.

Z was a little over excited. That I mean very giggly and noisy, normally at a relaxed performance he’d be fine, but today there wasn’t a sound, and I ran out of snacks to keep him quiet! He laughed, he clapped, he tried copying BSL, yes, deaf poet Donna Williams signed the performance which I thought was really good, Inclusion throughout. They use a lot of bsl at Z’s school, so I’m sure he knows some, but he has been signing mountain now we’re home!

I enjoyed the play, a little hard to sit, relax and imagine with Z like a giggling hyena at the side of me but I loved the use of props, simple boxes, not a lot of colour and a little music to go with the story.

Every time poor Toby said music Z was saying Basking in the glow, ( a band he likes) I don’t think he quite got it.

The age limit says six plus, I’m not sure if maybe the age limit would be better suited to eight maybe nine, but I’m used to Z who I don’t think can really use his imagination, or he can’t tell me if he can!

But going on his excitement he enjoyed it, not once did he want to leave, if he didn’t want to stay he would have made sure I knew he didn’t want to be there, but his giggles and flapping said he enjoyed it.

It had me thinking, what would I wish for? At that time for Z to be quiet! But really would I want to change anything? I have what I need right now.

If you’re looking for something to occupy children over the next two days then as a start to theatre it’s lovely, it’s only on for forty minutes which I think is a good time for children.

You can get Tickets here .

* I was gifted my tickets in exchange of a review. All opinions are my own.

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