Continuing on my #send30daychallenge day 25
I wish you knew.
I wish you knew I try my best.
I do eventually get to the point I’ll scream I’ll shout, and I have sat you down and walked away, but I always come back calmer and ready to try again.
I wish you knew that I do appreciate you even though I never say it!
I wish you knew that as much as some days I can’t wait for the day to end, I really don’t want it to! I don’t want you getting older and growing up!
I wish you knew how grateful I am to you, I know how hard you work everyday.
I wish you knew how hard it was, how hard it still is and how hard it’s going to be.
I wish you knew I do worry, I do stress about what you can’t do right now. What will you be able to do in the future.
I wish you knew how much I think of the future the what ifs the do I do this or that.
I wish you knew how proud I am of you, of how much you’ve grown and how much you’ll continue to grow I’ll always still be proud of you.
I wish you knew how much I’ve fought for you and how much I’ll continue to fight for you, you may get married and have
kids one day and I’ll still fight for you!
I wish you knew that when I take you places it’s you I think of, I’m thinking in the future it has to help if you know lots of places.
I wish you knew not everything in life is easy, it’s not all a walk in the park, there will be struggles, there will be tears, there will be tempers and tantrum, there will be meltdowns but there will also be lots of laughs and love along the way.
I wish you knew how much I just sit watching you, observing you with a smile on my face.
I wish you knew you made me into the person I am today.

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