Special school, less children in a class less parents to meet. With most children on school transport the chats at the school gate don’t happen. We don’t get to meet other parents, which arguably we need to to maybe more than mainstream schools for our own sanity, that we are not alone in our daily struggles. 
I’ve been lucky, I’ve had a great group of girls from play group, they’ve stuck by me, accepted Z for who he is, but they are growing up and leaving Z behind. No they don’t leave him behind on purpose but with him not talking and showing no Intrest in playing with them they understandably get bored and move on. 
Z started school with a little girl, was good as I went on the early bird course with her Mam and dad. We could have a quick chat whilst they went in. Luckily both were kept together and others joined them. Was really nice to read in his review today that they’ve become good friends. It shows that he can achieve things. 
A few months in, one or two parents stared a little Facebook chat group where six of the seven parents are in. We’ve gotten to know one another and has been good for catching up if one hasn’t been in. 
The school started a parents workshop group which has given lots of us the chance to meet other parents, learn loads, realise we are not alone, that there others worse off, but most importantly let us make friends in the real world. This has given lots of laughs over food most recently! After group today we headed for food, for a few this don’t happen, it can’t happen, so it’s nice to sit, eat and laugh.
With lots of us now knowing each other it can help for school holidays. Attempting to plan to take them places, with each of us understanding the sensory needs most of the children have it helps try to find some where to go. I also think it helps that the children see each other outside of school, realistically they’ll never have play dates, go to someone’s house for tea, or a sleep over. Come on these children don’t have parties! 
Here’s to trying to find places and activities suitable for children with complex sensory needs and lots of sun! We have a few months left to sort it out! 

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