A lot of people hate them. Some people say young children shouldn’t be given one. I used to agree! 
After seeing Z on his I know I made the right choice in getting him his own. It’s connected to my account, he can’t buy anything, he hasn’t got access to messages or FaceTime, that’s all off. 
He has apps, puzzle ones, sorting, spelling, counting and learning the alphabet. He knows how to get you tube up, he has been able to do this from the start, if the app don’t work he goes via safari, how he learnt this I do not know! 
He can get a video up in the corner and continue watching YouTube. How?! 
If I had the chance to get him one again I would, but as wrong as it sounds I would have gotten one with data so he could use you tube outside. His iPad is his comforter he feels safe with it. I’ve spent many time asking why? I think it’s because he’s in control, he puts what he wants on. He can change things when he wants too. 
 Ok, some of the songs he listens to over and over again I get bored! There’s so many 5 things jumping in the bed! 
From his time with the iPad, he’s learnt loads, he knows what objects are and I think that’s from the flash card app he watches over and over. I’m sure he knows his numbers and alphabet, I just wish sometimes he would talk and tell me! 
So next time you see a child being giving an iPad before you tut and say far too young, think, if Z didn’t have his I wouldn’t be able to take him out for food. I don’t think I’d be able to take him swimming as he wouldn’t be able to handle the waiting on me getting changed afterwards. 
So yes, look at me and tut, look at me when he’s screaming and shake your head then mumble spoilt when out comes the iPad, I don’t care! 

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