I understand it’s not 8 yet on a Saturday night, after one of the biggest six nations finals, but as a parent these things are no longer a sit at the pub all day event. Do I miss it ? In all honesty I think I miss the thought of it more. The husband and I sat at home watching the Welsh game whilst Z had his nap, then Z and myself met J and E for a spot of lunch. 
An all you can eat Chinese. As the parent of a fussy child, he snacked on prawn crackers, more prawn crackers and some prawn toast. Not even a chip passed those lips. Yet, E, being a good eater tasted every thing  put in front of her! Time for desert, jelly and chocolate cake. Now jelly is more fun to play with than eat. In my own home Z can ‘play’ with his food all he wants as I know some of that food he will actually taste. In a restaurant this isn’t quite the way. Mix that with the chocolate cake and we have quite the mess! So try and clear the mess as much as I can pick up the biggest bits of food off the floor, pay and away we go! 
What better way to burn those calories off than a little stroll in the nice spring sunshine. Two toddlers running and two stuffed parents pushing the empty buggies. For the first time Z actually started taking notice of what he was walking on and collected some sticks. Two of the said sticks joined us on our walk, they got dragged and banged on the floor, and cwtched up when he was back in the buggy! 
Home time and it’s mass destruction before bed! Night mam I’ll leave you with a lovely mess to clean up! 
What am I doing ? Sitting here tapping away on the iPad looking at the said mess and thinking could I really go to bed before 8 on a Saturday night? 

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