Ok, fair enough it’s only November, but Christmas will be here before we know it. After today’s walk in the sun it honestly felt like we were going into May not just starting November.                            Christmas. On the gift side of it I’m not doing to badly. Still have a few odds and ends to get but don’t most people. I’m sure I have most of my wrapping paper and my cards. 
 Novemember, where have the year gone? To think in Eight weeks I’ll be another year older, Christmas will be all over and I’ll be sitting eating the left over chocolates crying because my little guy will be starting school!  
 My little guy is actually making so much progress lately, got told yesterday that he’s doing well, when you only see people every once in a while it’s more obvious to them. His new thing is he likes to feed you, crisps are his favourite things to try and ram down the back of your throat as quickly as his little hand will allow him to, yes, not as quick as we can chew because finished or not the next one is going in! He either thinks we’re like the pooches, or his portage work is being treated as homework and instead of a poor doll it’s poor adults! 
The last few days he’s not stopped babbling, making some lovely sounds, I’m sure there’s hiya there along with yea, and mam, dad, nan and no. There maybe a few extra but not quite sure! 

With progress like this he may even be saying a few words before he starts school. 
So here’s to a new month, a new week for more amazing progress and another week closer to CHRISTMAS!! 

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