Last week was very busy because my birthday was on the 9th June so I was still being asked what I wanted. 
 I only had 7 things on my list this year because I couldn’t really think of what I wanted, so I decided on a few books and phone things.                                                                    
I was really excited because on my birthday my mam and sister were taking me to mystery rooms in Merthyr with my best friend. On my actual birthday I was given loads of presents such as jewellery, books, pillows, cuddly toys and more. The dining room was full of pretty cards and I had a cute tatty teddy cake with big sparklers which I was a bit scared of!!

 My mam and dad even got me 3 big pink balloons which I loved to play with so this year I was spoilt again. 
The best part was birthday breakfast because there was pastries, bacon, cereal and loads more tasty things. 
 At 4.20 me, my mam and sister picked up my best friend and went straight to the mystery rooms. Inside the mystery rooms there were lots of clues which some were easy but some were hard. It is a great gift for someone who likes being locked in rooms and timed!! 
When we went back home we had Pizza Hut and me and my best friend played games. I really enjoyed my birthday this year and I had so much fun. 

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