Yes, Z is attacking other children. What happened to my little guy who just lets others take things off him? Today in group he attacked all the other three children there. Firstly J for going near the boat he was playing with, he was like a wild animal. I told him no but didn’t want to make to much of a fuss as this isn’t Z at all. Secondly, poor C had it, he wouldn’t let her touch the train he was siting on, kept removing her hand. Then last but not least, E had it. She pulled his hair on the train and attacking animal Z came out to play, poor E didn’t know what had hit her. She was very brave and didn’t cry.
Now I can make excuses all day, and say he was tired, they attack him first. But today nope it was all Z. I hope it was him being tired and that was start and end of attacking animal Z. I’m dreading leaving him at creche this pm!
On the plus side it’s vodka Friday, and Z attacking E and nearly pushing her over the train and in to the box has not stopped J from inviting me up for vodka! Phew!
So here’s to the end of the week, hope you guys have all had a better day than myself!! Have a good weekend !

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