A few weeks back I decided to turn the playroom aka the dumping ground room into a sensory room for Z, this is going to be a joint birthday and Christmas gift. Yes I’ll most prob get him something small at Christmas but not a lot. I started to de clutter my room a few weeks back, last week I felt like Santa Claus giving away toys, but I’m too lazy to stand at a boot sale and sell them, so if other children will play with them I would rather that than collect dust in my so called playroom, dumping ground, death trap! Anyhow, today I ordered his ball pit, I’m so excited as its 3ft by 4ft so should do him for a good few years. He likes to lay in the balls and put them over him.  

Yes, I’ve added a watermark to my pic!

He’s seeking pressure from it, so thought If I got a bigger one he can lay in it. 
The next thing I have to get is the mats to go on the floor, then I want some mirrors on the wall. How was this in any way a non stressful idea? It will all be worth it, or so I keep telling myself. If I can get the ball pit, and hundreds off balls, ( all ball pit ball donations welcome!) mirrors up and mats down by his birthday I will be happy, by Christmas I want a few lights up, and a blind on the window. 
  Apart from a bit of measuring, room cleaning and online shopping I’ve not really done much today. Z went to the indoor play centre today, then had a sleep, first nap in about a week, then we went to play at E’s, came home and done nothing! Z did some jigsaws, emptied some toy bears all over the floor, and let the dogs in and out, coz that’s a fun new game. Then he took himself up to what I thought was bed, after his toast and milk. But nope he was sitting on the bed next to dad playing his iPad, whilst dad was playing his Xbox! 
At least he’s actually ordering and sorting……Dads just shooting and shouting! But sssshhh!   
Tomorrow I have my mate coming up for a few drinks, some food a chat and quite possibly a game of ….. Monopoly! They are the only ones that will play with me, no one else will, I don’t think I’m even that bad, I just like to abide by the rules and no you can’t quit you have to go bankrupt. 
Heehee        * evil little laugh*
 On that evil little laugh I’m going to wish you all good night, as I have a busy day ahead tomorrow of bankrupting lots of people……

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