Thursday, we started off swimming, Z and I and the girls. A few months ago Z hated the water, I’d only have to pull up outside the lesuire centre and he would scream. Now, he cries coming out of there. Today, we went for food, I brought Z home for his nap so I could go straight to work. Chicken burger and chips, the girls don’t help me with my diet…!
Work flew by, one of the girls made us laugh saying she thought she was waving to a man this morning, that man so happened to be a tree blowing in the wind!
Then, the drama starts! I wanted to add some aide to my tyre, heads to the garage, connected it up and ssssshhhhh it deflated my tyre. I wasn’t impressed, then the machine wouldn’t inflate it back up. I was late in getting Z to creche and me back in time for work, but I made it!
imageWe got invited to an indoor play centre this evening, with the local autism group, I didn’t really know anyone. I know Z havn’t had any diagnosis yet, but the people that go to the coffee morning have been so helpful, friendly and full of advice so I thought I’d go. ( I have to say these places are more fun with your friends!) At first Z just sat at the table, eating his crisps. He wouldn’t drink his drink, this I’m unsure why, same kind of bottle as a fruit shoot. I even took the plastic lid off it, but nope. I ended up getting a cup and he drank the juice! After a while of sitting there, looking around as if asking where are my friends? Where are the girls who normally come to these places with me? He wouldn’t even go on the equipment unless I went with him. Now this is not Z he normally goes on his own. Or with E, I wonder if he was waiting for E, like she’s his safety net? Was strange to see. But I kept at it and he did run about, had a look about and towards the end went on the slide himself.
When we got home, it was technically bed time. Z already in his pjs, I get myself an ice lolly, Z looks at me, so like always I say taste Z? He actually tasted it! Then came back and tried again, when I went to lick it, he grabbed my hand. Yes, he ate the lot, call me a bad mam for allowing him something cold and sweet at 8.30pm but to see him trying something new was worth it. To see him eat it all was Definitely  worth it!

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