After days of thinking this through I went ahead and bought Z an iPad mini. Yes, yes I know he’s two and a half. I’ve got apps on my iPad and he enjoys, just these last few weeks he’s been using his ‘pointy’ finger to touch certain things instead of his whole hand. He knows what apps he wants, and likes the counting and the animals. I’m looking forward to this evening when I can now wipe my iPad and iPhone of all the children’s apps and songs that are just taking up my memory, as his new little mini has synced up and has them all on.
I did go through the pros and cons of it all, do I upgrade my iPad and give him mine that way I’m not buying him something for £200? But for me to upgrade I’m spending far more than £200. Do I get him a cheap childrens one, then, what do I do with what I’ve already purchased for him on to it. I’m hoping I’ll be directed to the best apps for him now. He still loves the fisher price one with the horse. I’ll discus these options with portage and hv on Monday.
I came to the understanding that if I can keep this on me most of the time when we’re out, in theory (I’m hoping), that on day trips, the moment I sense him wanting to run, I can whip it out and maybe it’ll stop him running, only time will tell for that one.
He don’t play on mine often, it’s not as if he’s on it all day and night, he’s not. He loves to listen to Casper baby pants in the car, this way he can still listen to it. He likes to  watch Winnie the Pooh, this always calms him down. I could have done with it Thursday after swimming when he screamed as he couldn’t run out the door to the car park. I hope it will  help him communicate his needs all his cards are on there already via the camera and on photos. It’s not going to happen over night, as he’s never been alone with mine! Now to buy a rubber bouncy case!

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