Yes, Thursday is weigh in day. As I didn’t go last week, wasn’t expecting much this week as I’ve had a cold. Havnt been hitting my steps and coming in around 3k a day. Not good. But add a stupid annoying cough to that, one that doesn’t let you sleep, walking has been off my list of lets do. 
So, after last week with nothing in my system, then getting this cold I havnt really been eating, just picking. Know that my body is going to store it as it was starved for two days and then not feeling hungry I’ve not eaten . 
Before I went I took my measurements. Lost half an inch off  waist , calf and thigh. I’m happy with that as like I said I’ve not moved. 
Went to weigh, and lost 1lb. Now here’s to hoping that this cough will make a quick exit, so I can get back to talking my pooch for his walks! 

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