When you make connections that gluten could be what’s keeping  Z awake at night, he’s been off it he sleeps, he eats it were awake. Tonight he woke at 11.15 it’s now nearly 3 and he’s still awake. I’ve put him back into his bed I don’t know how many times, I’ve shouted, he’s ran and hit the bed resulting in a cut eye. I’ve laid next to him, he’s gone in the spare room with G, he’s back in his room stripped. He’s stripped himself. I don’t know what else he wants. We’ve tried everything, I just know when my alarm goes off I’m not going to want to get out of bed. I’ve not been to sleep yet. I came to bed at 10.30, G ‘woke’ me out of my just dozing off at 11 then snored for the 15 minutes before Z woke. 
It’s hard when I don’t know what he wants, it’s even harder to function when I’m tired, when I’m tired I get a headache and get snappy. That leads to the arguments between us as G is up for work at 5.30 so an hour and half before me. But he can sleep in the spare room through Z’s babbling where as I can’t, I woke him at 1, at least he’s had 2 hours sleep! More than me. 
Then when your body thinks your getting up and decides it’s hungry that makes it harder again to fall asleep when Z finally gives in. No I’m refusing to go and have breakfast at 3 am. If I wasn’t so tired and hungry I’d chuck Z in the car and just drive in the hope he falls asleep. It’s really not funny now, when you have to function on 4 hours sleep if your lucky. I can’t shout at him to get into bed as much as I want to I don’t want to wake the neighbours either. Sure Z running around his room disturbs them.

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