I can’t believe how quick the holidays are going. Tomorrow is already Wednesday meaning were half way through this week. I have a busy weekend, out on Friday, play dates on Saturday, and pool party Sunday. This is all good, as it’s only really tomorrow there’s nothing dotted in my dairy. Ok maybe a trip to the skips! As soon as I think we get one room tidy, last week was both bedrooms and the landing, this week was the playroom aka dumping ground. So have lots to go to skips. I’m sure next week I’ll be back as now my kitchen looks like a hurricane blew on past. That is the next room. Any visitors well sit in Z’s room or his bedroom as they are the tidiest! 
 Keeping busy is good, as the weeks are going so fast, it also means Z’s hospital appointment is coming up. I know, 3 months have gone so quick. I’m unsure of where the 6 weeks have gone from February half term, as we were due another round of speech therapy, end of April, possibly beginning of May, yup we’ll be at the end of August soon. Maybe what they actually meant is 6 months! No, a few others have asked why he’s not been back, it’s coz they not called for him! It will be back to nervous J now as soon as the weekend rolls on by. I don’t know why I’ll be nervous but I just know I will be. Will I have a diagnosis for him? Are all the reports in? What if I don’t? Where do I go then? What happens if that one person says, ‘nope nothing wrong?’ At least that evening he’s going to the indoor play centre with Nas Merthyr to meet the minions! 
 Then the week after that appointment he finally has his ENT, what will they say at this appointment? I know there’s something wrong with the tubes connecting his ears to nose, why else am I constantly chasing him to wipe his nose, then when that stops the ear infection begins. Maybe I’ll finally have answers. I hope so! 
Then, yup another then! He has the dentist. Now this one is going to be fun as he’s not been here before. I changed him after he was 4 minutes late and the attitude on receptionist stank. But, he needs to be seen. His two little front teeth are discoloured. Now J seems to think he’s killed them. ( I’m the Doctor she’s the dentist, we make a great team!  J it’s viral!) When I asked the nice receptionist on the phone, she said he may have to be put out to get a good look. He won’t sit on that chair and open his mouth. I know he won’t. After trying to pin him down to get his hair cut I know I’m not going to be able to hold him on that chair. Plus I actually need my fingers, yes, all ten of them! 
I keep telling myself not to stress, don’t worry. I’m so looking forward to my vodka Friday on the 14th tho! 
 After a busy day today of not actually doing much, the 3am wake ups are catching up with me so I’m off to bed, before 10.00. Just because I can!  💜 

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