It was Z’s last day at Creche today. He’s been going there for around a year and half. 
There were  at least three crèches closer to where I live but I choose to put Z where he was for the staff. Apart from knowing most of them, the ones that’s been there have been there years, all well trained and friendly! 
A few people questioned why he was going there, when one place he could have gone was within walking distance but I wanted him to go here. 
They let Z come around when he first started, never forced him, when he first went autism was only a word, they knew he was receiving portage and speech. He had one to one from the beginning, and some days he wouldn’t do anything just run around. 
When going back a few months Z was screaming getting out of the car, they took portage suggestions and came out to get him, in the rain they would be waiting to grab him and run! It got better one day when I was early and I took him, he ran around the front garden and this was his routine so the girls let him have that little two minute run and let him go in by himself. Now he’s most of the time quite happy to knock the door to go in, runs in and don’t look back. When I go to collect him he’s always happy, the odd time he’s been upset have usually been when he’s been unwell.
They’ve always been good at if he needed to go in a little earlier taking him. I don’t think I’ve ever been late collecting him but I’m guessing if I was going to be late and informed them the once that wouldn’t have been a problem either. 
His one to one helped him with pecs, put his drink card up by the kitchen and helped him learn to get a drink he needed to hand that card over. Went out of her way to make her own pecs after coming to one session with us. 
He’s come on so much since when he first started. He now looks at them, he listens to simple commands sometimes like change bum. He has at least one wrapped around his little finger and will lead her to tickle his feet! 
So, even though he has one to one support, each and everyone working there have been amazing. They’ve looked after him as if he was their own. Never complained that they’ve had to change his nappy even though he’s three. 
I would like to take this time to thank them all for looking after him, for giving him his first look at ‘school’,  routines, friendships, and authority. 
Now I’m off to cry whilst looking through his book and how far he’s come on! 

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