If Z had gone for his catch up days in school then today would have been his last day.

His last day of infants, age wise he moves into (KS2) juniors come September.

This year he’s moving, he’s leaving the area he’s spent the last five years in, every year except one the same class, the only yard he’s ever played in, all the staff he’s ever known and he’s going down with the older children, a different area of the school and not just a class next door, with staff he doesn’t really know and haven’t had a chance to meet . He’s going from being one of the oldest in his class to one of the youngest.

I think this will be for the best for him, cancel this last year.

To the staff that taught him this last year, put up with his behaviours also known as communication, thank you! I know I’ve not been the easiest parent this year, aren’t you lucky we had lockdown!

To the one who had him the last eighteen months, thank you for watching him these last two years, for helping him grow as a person, for showing him friendships and making him laugh, for even putting up with me every day!!

To his teacher who we lost in February, thank you for the last 18 months, I do believe you were the making of Z, helped him become the person he is now. Thank you for listening to me, and letting Z be who he is, for believing in him.

To his teacher who has been there through lockdown, thank you for the weekly calls, the time spent finding Z things to do, I’m sure you think I didn’t like you, it’s not true! You just happened to walk in really at the wrong time, maybe one year you’ll get to teach Z again and I can show you I’m not the scary angry parent who I’m sure you saw.

Z’s leaving his friends, one who’s actually leaving the school, his first friendship in school, good luck R, I’m sure Z will miss you ! His friends he’s shared a class with for the best part of four years, who’s used to him and vice versa. The parents I’ve gotten attached too. We’ve been a team, we’ve been together ready for anything, I think we’ve been a great team of parents too!

I’m excited for September, a fresh start, a new teacher who I’m hoping will get to know a Z without demands, food reinforcements and just seeing what he can do when he’s happy.

Let’s finish 2020 better than we started!

Last day of school in March!

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