So the school holidays start!
Today Z says bye to his first official teacher, the first one that had him full time, the one that helped him so much last year, the one we didn’t want to go! We adapted with her across the corridor and took to the new teacher well.
We’ve fallen in love with his new teacher, ok she’ll never be the ‘That teacher’ but that’s because it was his first. You always remember the first right. The first steps, the first word the first day of school. The first teacher. Today she leaves us to go to a new school it’s not even as if that school is just across the corridor it’s 2.5 hours away. She can’t promise us she’ll keep an eye on her class, because she can’t.
Our teacher now is no longer his teacher next year and will be the teacher that will be across the corridor, the teacher that will hopefully keep an eye on him, the one that looks out for him, the one I know will always be there for him. Hopefully his ‘now’ teacher isn’t going to leave an their paths will cross again, when Z has grown that little bit more. His now teacher who’s believed In him since the day she started will have to be that teacher who helps us fall in love with his new teacher. I’m sure this is harder on the parents than on the children. They adapt, well Z does, I think it’s me that doesn’t. I’m hoping that Z’s new class and his old class will still be close, there’s children in there that he’s leaving behind too.
As for his LSA’s the one that has been there since day one is no longer in the same building. The one that took him off me that first afternoon, the one that has comforted Z, the one that has taken the brunt of his anger, the one that has helped him get to where he is. Yes, it’s not just the teachers that have gotten Z to where he is now but his lsa’s too. Without each and everyone of them Z wouldn’t be the confident child he is today.

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