The first year of the month is nearly over. I think it’s flown.

My motto for the year is laugh more and try new things. I started a post back at the beginning and never got around to finishing it!

There’s a few things planned in the coming year in regards to trying new things and places.

This first month back in all honestly Z hasn’t been too good at school. We’ve had a few issues lately, and I went to see the teacher, there’ll be a follow up meeting soon. For now nothing changes at home. I think Z listened to the try new things, he bit the teacher. He’s 7 and has never bitten before, I’m praying it was a one off and that’s it. I’ve told him that we bite food not humans, he put his hands in his ears and spun away from me.

School have been great, I never had a problem before and after seeing them they are looking at his behaviours and putting things into place.

Hopefully by half term I’ll have a few answers and see where we’ll go from there. 7 has been a challenging age!

We have put up his hot tub so he’s releasing lots of energy in there!

Here’s to February, things back to normal, laughs with friends days out and lighter nights!

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