So, lately I’ve been thinking I may give this blogging a go. I have no idea how I should do it and which direction I should go. During my Ivf journey I put everything down the good old fashioned way, pen to paper! So,  do I introduce myself ? Do I not? I don’t think I want to give out my full name address etc! So Let’s just call me J, I’m in my very early 30s, married to my husband G and we have an amazing little boy who  Z, and we all live with our two pooches in the South Wales valleys! 
I think most of what I’ll end up saying will be about Z, what we get up to and what not! 
When I go places I tend to go with my mates mainly J who , sounds so sad for a woman in her thirties to say, is  my new best friend and her daughter E. I’m sure they’ll be mentioned more than once too! 
Well, this is harder than I thought as it’s taken me a few hours to come this far, but, I’ve started in between work and a Friday night drink at J’s, yup, that’s kinda a new tradition for me, Friday night is known as vodka night. Where two mates come together to sit and have a few vodkas and diet cokes, most people would assume sit and talk about men and sex, us, we actually sit and play a board game! We have so much fun! 
As introductions go this wasn’t the best one was it? I’m sure I’ll come back again soon and share more about me, now I have to go and clean the mass distraction Z has created in three short hours before the rugby kicks off. Yes I love the rugby. Come on Wales ! 

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