A few weeks ago I lost my uncle, he was also my godfather.
I’ve lost many people but this one seemed different. It’s the first uncle I’ve lost, the others have been my nans generation, it’s scary when it hits your dads generation, I’m getting older.
Can always remember my sister an I having conversations at nights , one being if anything happened to mam and dad what God mother god father would you go live with. My auntie lived ‘far’ away and her god father did. Her God mother was old but lived local, she could never decide I said D coz it’s not far away, I know him and I’d still get to see my friends!
Have so many wonderful memories of D, from a young age there were always holidays, Friday nights, Christmas, bbqs and trips to the park in the summer.
Every Friday he would be waiting patiently for his wife to take him to darts, standing by the door shouting, ‘come on, I’m going to be late!’ Then me and my sister and cousins would jump in the car and go for a ride! That was before safety and seat belts! Then he’d get out and someone would automatically jump in the front.
My uncle worked in the lesuire centre, my friends at school always said I had the coolest uncle as we could go and play on a Saturday afternoon. If he was picking us from our nans we’d go there for what seemed like hours, bet it was only 30 minutes! We would play in the lifts, also later found out these lifts were actually food lifts.  We could play on the bouncy castle if there had been a party, now when your 6/7 and you get a bouncy castle to your selves it’s the best ever! Or sometimes the big trampoline would be left out from gymnastics and we’d get to bounce on that, or there would be the ‘little’ trampolines, ( trampette) that we would see who could bounce the highest and throw themselves the furthest on to the crash mats!
Friday nights were roller disco nights so we were able to go there too, even though he was out at darts, everyone knew who we were.
At 15 he rang me and asked did I want a job in the cafe. I took it, started just before my GCSEs, was the best thing to happen to me, left school to start college and I was the only one with a job. I can’t thank him enough for that life experience. Was my first chance of being a grown up, of being responsible, for running something. This Saturday job eventually became a four day a week job. We had some laughs down there.
Know what I don’t think I ever heard D shout.
As I got older the odd few times I did the darts run for my dad he would always be the first out laughing, telling the others to hurry up. Remember when my cousin was pregnant, one Friday I said to him, ah that’s it you’ll be babysitting now, he laughed and said no, she’ll have to pay me to finish work. When the baby was born, who had her, when I mentioned this too him he looked at her with his big smile  and said but who could resist her? So when your older and if you ever read this your grampa really did adore you!
God had the final call, DD to reception please, DD to reception.

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