I was very lucky* to go and see Redhouse Little Theatres first production at Redhouse Merthyr. **

The program says, ‘This is the very first show featuring participants from the local area”.
So as my readers know my first time at the theatre was a few weeks back when I went to see the wedding singer at Cardiff theatre, like that I had never seen the film Little shop of Horrors. Yes I know, I really am rubbish! 
If like me you’ve never seen the film either it’s a horror, comedy, rock musical. It’s about a young boy who’s been taken in by a florist. He raises a plant that he feeds his own flesh and blood! 
Again, never seeing the film I really don’t know what songs came out of the film. Each song was sang brilliantly, I think my favourite could well have been ‘suppertime’ by Audrey || . 
Back to the cast, in reality I didn’t know what to expect. 
I went along with my cousin A, who I think also enjoyed it, she’ll write up her own review. 
The stage was set, you could really see the time and effort that had gone into it. 

When the show started they looked quite young, when they started singing I was taken aback they really were very good.  
It was lovely to see local people do really well, Merthyr is always put down, always gets shown for its bad side, never the good. These guys were brilliant. You could see how hard they had worked.  
The main character Seymour played by Jac Ellis, reading the Redhouse Facebook page he has recently stared in Aladdin, and is now continuing on his AS examinations and staring in Carousel.  What a great actor he is. His voice was really good, sitting AS examinations shows me how young he is. Keep it up Jac next time I’m at Cardiff you maybe on that stage! Other than the plant, Seymours other love was Audrey, obvisouly as he named the plant after her! Again, played by Bethan Mair Williams, she looked young too, but what a voice, to be honest I thought she was as good as Cassie who played Julia in The wedding singer. From the Facebook page she has taken part in a few musicals before and is heading for a new role in sister act. Not sure if they had both stared in the same show before, they had they familiarity about them, they were clearly comfortable around one another and it made it all the more realistic that yes they were falling in love! Mr Mushnik, played by Thomas Price didn’t seem to have a big part like Seymour and Aubrey. Not sure how much he’s in the film but again reading the Facebook page it does say he has more of a role in the musical. 
 Each and everyone of those actors worked really hard, the dentist played by Ashley McGill knew how to get the audience laughing!  As for Aubrey || voiced by Nathan Roberts thats the best singing plant I’ve heard! 

Not my photo taken from the Redhouse Facebook page.

This is only on Saturday 25th March, 2pm and 7.30 you can book tickets here and check what else is on. 
I would highly recommend if you can get there tomorrow go! You really won’t be disappointed.  I think out of this and the wedding singer this was my favourite! 
* I was lucky enough to be gifted my tickets, this is my review and all content is my own, other than the photo stated. 
**Redhouse is in the old town hall in the centre of Merthyr Tydfil. Years ago it was the old town hall, it later went on to become a nightclub and know home to many things including a cafe. 

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