Half term is over. We made it, we survived!

Day one officially, our fourth day of being at home as we had inset day on the Friday we headed off to longleat with Nan, B and B and our adoptive nan A! Taking one child with autism to a new place can be hard work, take two and it could be trouble! To be fair both boys were brilliant.

The weather was lush and it felt more like Easter than February half term.

We started having a look around the park, starting on the few little rides they had. These were included in ticket price which was great!

As it was February half term there were a few things closed for maintenance, the playground and train and the bridge in Safari. A little disappointed as Z really wanted to go on the train. We stopped that meltdown by heading on the boat, to see the sea lions and gorillas. Of course he loved the boat! can also buy some fish for £1 we didn’t because Z wouldn’t feed them anyways!

Theres a drive to the safari and you get chance to have a look at the giraffes, zebras, Lemurs, sheep, goats and huge tortoise! There’s a shop and a place to get food too.

When we were going through Safari they give you a dvd and talk you though what animals you see which is good to know.

I loved the fact that you can walk so close to so many animals, including the meerkats. For Z to be so close to things he stopped and looked, he took interest, he even touched a lizard!

We went in the mirror maze which Z loved, he did also run the main maze too!

Think I’d definitely go back. When it’s all open and Z can run around in the parks, and have a train ride!

What’s good too is you can use your own coffee cup! So we took our coffee back to the bus and had our dinner before heading off to Safari!

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