Z had lots of teeth removed so always been a little gummy! He had five removed first from a knock when he was one, then two more removed due to trauma.
A few weeks ago he lost his first tooth, yup lost I have no idea where it is, did he eat it, spit it out or just swallow with food! And of course he can’t tell me! That time I laughed there’ll be a few more.
Last week was another wobbly tooth, this said tooth I’ve been keeping an eye on, wobbling like a small excited child, today he came home from school minus his wobbly tooth 😔. Now the laughing has gone, will there actually be any?
Yup for some reason this kinda made me sad. Maybe it’s the realisation that we’ll never have the excitement of the tooth fairy, I’ll never have a few teeth that I’ve collected that should go in those little trinket boxes with first tooth and first curl.
When you’re going good there’s always that one part that’ll knock you down, that’ll make you remember there’s so much that you’re missing out on that other parents take for granted. The things Z can’t do, even though he’s growing, his body tells me he’s getting older he’s getting taller he’s loosing teeth, but he’s still my baby.
Of course you look at the progress he’s making, and he’s making tremendous progress with his speech. It still doesn’t help that these things like so others I’ll never get a chance to share with Z, not written letters off the tooth fairy for a lost tooth at school, no hunting around for £1 no excited child wanting to spend his tooth fairy money just Z who either doesn’t know he’s even lost a tooth or who doesn’t care.

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