As I’m sitting here waiting to go to work having just dropped Z off to Creche,  I’m taking in how lucky I am!  I read something either today or yesterday about people not being so lucky. So thought I’m actually very lucky. 
 Ok, the weather is crappy! Rain and wind, yet in one way I’m back to luck, as some people either don’t have rain or have too much. 
I’m lucky Z was born when he was as I’ve made many new friends. It’s like this is the path that was drawn out for me. 
Autism was on that path too, and if it wasn’t for Z being born when he was and portage starting, I wouldn’t have met the group I’m loving being a part of. Learning so much, making lots of new friends. 
When you really sit and think, you think about people coming and going in your life, there’s not that many that actually stay. Something J just said when I was saying about Z’s progress today and lucky came into her answer!  
Z has been so good today, he worked very well for S portage, to see how much he’s come on now to where he was around a year ago just before she started working with him is amazing. He’s making loads of progress everyday. They said he was great in Creche too. That he’s actually starting to do things again for them now. I think he knows what he’s doing and how far he can push everyone! But I’m lucky I’m on my little journey with him! 

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