7 years ago Z was made, every year since he was born we’ve celebrated made today Day.

I wrote about the whole day here if you wanted to read about that chapter of our life before Z!

10th Feb, it’s always an emotional day, how far we went to get our little miracle. How we’ve always fought from day one.

Out of 18 eggs retrieved and 17 fertilised we only have Z to show for it. Z our only survivor.

Looking back at the time I’d have rather gone for that three day transfer as it wouldn’t have been that long to wait, but then Z would have been the weakest contender and he’d have been left. That in itself is truly terrifying.

It’s crazy how you can still remember exactly what happened that day, the nails I chewed in worry! Maybe there’s some deep emotional thing I don’t know about and that’s why I don’t like leaving Z with people?! Who knows our brains have a funny way of working don’t they?!

Normally we’d have cake and nibbles as a little party always remembering the ones that didn’t make it, and our frozen embies, this year we don’t have the frozen embies. We now only have Z.

Z, the crazy don’t need sleep, xylophone loving, smoothie drinking, wild child currently bouncing on my lap smiling and giggling. Maybe he knows what day it is and he’s excited for cake?

We’ll go get cake, I’m assuming a new book and continue the whole made today celebrations !

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