Every year we celebrate the 10th February as Z’s made today day. 
As I’ve never shared it on my blog, it was the day of egg retrieval and fertilisation. 
Four years ago today Z was made, not only do we share his birthday but it’s become a little family tradition of cake and nibbles. It started when he was four months old and I got a cake and a candle as Z had been made for a whole year, it’s just gone on from there,  so today we get to eat cake! 
Four years, I can still remember it like yesterday, nervous on the drive to the hospital. Worried there wouldn’t be any eggs. Scared it wouldn’t work. Waiting my turn. Counting down from ten and being woken up. Remembering hearing the number eighteen. Eighteen was the number of eggs they managed to retrieve. 
I said I was scared they wouldn’t have any as I was high risk ohss, at one point that week I was go to be stopped, I was over producing follicles. Sounds good when you say they could be eggs but it’s not. I was over reacting to to meds. So instead of doing the full two weeks of meds I done ten days and egg retrieval was brought forward two days. 
I can remember going into the room, sitting on the chair and thinking this isn’t anything like private practice. It’s mad what you can remember after four years. Being woken up and told go walk to the toilet, don’t go back to sleep,  get dressed, go home. Sitting in the coffee shop waiting to be picked up to come home, being dropped off at home and going to bed. Waking up in the evening and wanted a Macyds that my sister kindly got! Said its mad what you can remember. Like that day is etched on my mind. 
I can’t say the procedure hurt, uncomfortable, but not agony. Would be bearable to do again if I had to. I’ve thought of egg donation it’s something maybe I would do, if the time was right! 
So today, is very different to four years ago, I have a three year old climbing all over me trying to put the family finger puppets on my left hand, luckily I write with my right! 
With everything Z has brought me, the hard times, the sleepless nights the worry, I would never turn back the clock and not do it. There’s so many good things he’s done  to be proud of even in three years! 
Let’s go buy cake!!

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