We have had a busy weekend, we started Saturday off doing a sponsored walk, all money raised to NAS M branch.  
All Z’s playgroup buddies joined in and two ladies from the local indoor play centre. Not sure of the final amount raised yet I’m hoping my lovely friends are still getting it all in! A huge thank you to everyone who took part 💜
So today being Monday morning started off with portage, a random portage session as we even tried to cut Z’s hair! Yup, fair play to N, she arrived with scissors and Z ran! S could squirt water at him and he was fine with her, I’m sure he would let her do anything to him. 
 S boss came too and put in a load of good points, when someone asks you questions and you take a step back and someone else does the thinking for you, you can see the bigger picture. She made the connection that all Z’s foods are the same colours, roughly, other than crunchy. I don’t think I would have worked that out. I knew he wouldn’t eat anything in batter as he’ll eat fishfingers in breadcrumbs, but not batter. Apparently breadcrumbs have the crunchier texture. For dinner I cooked him his fish cakes, ( yes , in breadcrumbs!) and tried him with my free from chicken nuggets. These are in the same type of breadcrumbs, and he ate not only one but four, alongside the fish cakes. He even ate the last few cold when we got home from kids fit. To say how chuffed I am with that is an understatement! Again, it’s the smallest things. If he can have chicken nuggets and fish in his diet with fries I’ll be happy! 
 Making connections. I didn’t think Z could do this, today he proved me wrong, he always passes me my sunglasses, my sunglasses live on my head, rain or shine. Today G came in from work, he sat with his tea and picked up the iPad, Z leaves the room, bang, bang, bang later I said, ‘he’s upstairs getting your headphones’. When G sits downstairs and watches YouTube on the iPad he uses headphones. So Z had gone up found the said headphone and pulled them down, along with the ps controller! Hence the bang, bang, bang as he’s dragging them back down the stairs! He handed them to G, and tried putting them on his head. He then had to sit with these said headphones on for the rest of the hour! Every time he put them down Z quickly picked them back up. I found it so funny, but also really proud that he made that connection. 
 I wasn’t best pleased though when G left for work and Z wanted a drink, he’s started to take his cup to the bathroom if the kitchen door is closed, I heard the toilet lid bang, it’s always closed. I only found Z’s cup down the toilet, I think he wanted water!! Well, in his defence water is water! 
All these little things are proving to me how well Z is coming along. Ok, he still don’t say anything other than mam and sounds but he’s still learning, he’s starting to put things together. He’s gaining knowledge of what he wants. It’s got to be a positive thing I think. 
 Now if only my clever little guy would give in for the night and go to sleep! He’s spent the last half hour giggling to himself and now is practicing his sounds, meh, meh, meh or mam, mam, mam and ba, ba, ba oh and we’ve had yea, yea, yea! Yeah matey go to sleep! 

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