I’ve mentioned before we’ve joined in with the activities that the local Nas team organise. It’s been fun, for Z meeting other children and for us as a family meeting other families going through what we go through. They’ve been a great help the last few months. Think without them we’d still be plodding along! 
 Anyway, one of the activities that’s been ongoing is kidsfit. Z loves it, there’s equipment to play on, trampolines, balls, scooters and a huge big hall to just run! Z loves running! In the few short weeks of watching children on the scooter, he knows how to work it, can’t quite do it, but knows how it’s supposed to go. He’s made a friend in R’s son J. He’s followed J around for a while, think as he’s the only one who is always there too, it could well have been him who ‘taught’ Z how to work the scooter. I think this as he don’t seem to take notice of anyone else, and I do remember laughing at Z when he was chasing J when he was on the scooter.         We went swimming the other week, again thanks to Nas, Z went and sat next to J, he obviously knows him out of kidsfit. So I’d like to say Z is making friends. There may only be two, two good friends are better than none! Last night I watched J play ball with his dad, Z saw this and went over took the ball off the dad, who he’s only met once, and gave it to J. Was a oh wow moment! 
R spoils Z by putting on his favourite song, Happy! 
So I’d like to thank you for putting on these activities and giving Z the chance to make new friends as well as me making friends! 

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