On Wednesday we went to Barry, after all the sunny days it was the one day that was a little overcast!

We went with Z’s adoptive nan our school bus escort and my nan.
Z got out of the car in the buggy and headed to the toilet, where the hand dryers went off so this sent Z into meltdown mode quickly. He was throwing himself, running and just pushing the buggy over, so I let him lead me of course to the fair. I’m sure they thought I was trying to kidnap him the way he was screaming and I was dragging him!
But we calmed down enough to post 2ps in the machine. When nan tried joining in he was taking the 2ps and turning his back! Operation sharing commences!! The staff there were fab, when the machine didn’t give us or 2ps he refunded us then gave Z the 2ps that had been jammed in the first place. So Z had lots more 2ps to post.
We swapped our tickets for a lolly, yea that’s all Z really wants is a lolly!

He had a little go on a few of the 50p rides and this helped him to calm down. Some we didn’t even need to put money in!

Of course going to Barry and being that close to Ikea we could not not go for food! So we ended up at Ikea eating meatballs and chips and Z being happy!
Was a lovely evening just being out going for a little walk on the seafront and eating chips!

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