When I was invited * with a few of the local bloggers to go and see The wedding Singer at the New Theatre Cardiff, I jumped at the chance.  One being I’ve never been to the theatre and two I’ve never seen the Wedding Singer!

L-R Myself, Sally, Ali, Kerry, Georgina, Cathryn.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect! Maybe, secretly I thought that the theatre was for older people! I’ve never heard any of my mates say they are heading to the theatre, maybe because they’d have to travel or like me they’ve never tried it, I don’t know. I was surprised by the variety of people there last night, I spotted some young and some old the booking office age says suitable for 12 plus.
As soon as the show started you could really see the chemistry between the lead actors, Jon Robyn’s who plays Robbie and Cassie Compton who plays Julia. I didn’t know any thing about the show, but thought to myself these will get together, they look as if they were meant to be! I did think that maybe I may  have got it wrong at one point  but was pleased when I was right.
I loved the bright colours and was actually surprised at how well these people could sing, yes all of them. After the show I had to google the actors and was surprised that Cassie was a contender in the first series of X factor and also Ray Quinn who played Glen was in a later series of the X factor .
For those like me who’s never seen the wedding singer it was about a rock star (Robbie) who’s career had dried up and he became a wedding signer who ended up living in his grandmas basement. Then after being left at the alter himself went on to fall in love with the waitress (Julia) who was engaged to a rich guy! (Glen)

I really enjoyedthe show, the film was based in America in the 80’s this was shown in the show by the bright billboard signs that made an appearance through out the show and the clothes the actors wore. I loved how enthusiastic the cast were, Nick Winston done an amazing job with the choreography. There were lots of songs, each I later learnt unique to the film, except for two. The one being ‘Somebody kill me’, the other I can’t remember! I actually liked the song somebody kill me, and now I need to watch the film as  Jons performance made it quite funny. For people going to see this who’s seen the film they maybe disappointed that the original soundtrack isn’t sung but it made no difference to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.
I loved how the props were moved effortlessly and everything just rolled into one, I’m guessing for people who’s used to this it’s not such a wow that’s clever moment!
I’ve had a look on the New Theatre Cardiff website and I see they are showing the Grufflo and now I really want to try Z, if it’s a fun as last night I think he may enjoy it. As for me I now want to go and see the crucible, just as I’ve read the book and would like to have something to compare with.
Thank you New Theatre Cardiff I had a lovely adult catch up last night, I’m sure I’ll be back, maybe now I have the theatre bug?
* tickets were gifted to me for my review.

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